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          For assistance with your executive hiring needs, call 1.800.805.8082
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          Leading Executive Search Firm

          Robert Half Executive Search helps companies build superior leadership teams, focusing on C-level and VP-level roles. We can expedite your hiring process and ultimately help find the best available executive match for your company. Our goal is to successfully complete your executive search within 90 days or less.

          Customized Executive Search Process

          Client Kick Off

          We conduct extensive research to build a profile of your ideal executive.


          Candidate Development

          We develop a handpicked pool of custom-matched executive talent.


          Streamlined Search Process

          You conduct back to back interviews of select, highly skilled executives.


          Final Interview Stage

          You make your final selection, and we manage all recruitment and negotiation.


          Search Conclusion

          You hire an experienced, top-notch executive under an accelerated timeline.


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          With more than 30 locations worldwide, our executive search agencies can help with your hiring needs.

          Our Leadership Team

          Wayne Mello
          Michael Caggiano
          Michael CaggianoSenior Vice President – U.S. Search Operations
          Steve Ankney
          Steve AnkneyDirector of U.S. Search Execution
          Bryenne Libby
          Whitney McManamaManager of U.S. Research Operations

          Executive Roles We Have Placed

          • President /Chief Executive Officer
          • Vice President of Human Resources
          • Chief Information Officer
          • Vice President of Marketing & Communications
          • Chief Operating Officer
          • Chief Financial Officer
          • Executive Director
          • Vice President of Sales & Marketing


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